ICEBREAKER FITNESS helps members become fitter, healthier and slimmer again. And to stay. The coaches guarantee 100% personal guidance. Whether it’s about getting fit again, losing weight or living a more balanced life. Start your healthier lifestyle today.



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Tailored Training, Online and On-Site

Our programs are designed to fit you perfectly, whether you’re engaging with us online or at our physical locations, ensuring a personalized path to your fitness goals.

Empowering community

Be part of a vibrant community that supports and motivates each other, creating a positive atmosphere for achieving fitness goals together.

Nutrition advice

Personal based nutrition plan for your needs and goals. If it’s about losing weight or strengthen the muscles, we have a plan for you.

Expert coaching

Everybody is unique. Benefit from the guidance of experienced trainers who provide the motivation and accountability you need to succeed.

What our members say about us

Joining the MuscleMAX small group was the best decision I’ve made for my fitness journey. The camaraderie, combined with tailored nutrition and workout plans, pushed me further than I thought possible. I’ve gained not just muscle, but confidence too. Can’t wait for the next quarter!


MuscleMAX isn’t just a program; it’s a game changer. As a 1 to 1 client, I’ve received unparalleled support and guidance. Three months in, and I’ve hit personal bests I didn’t think were possible. The dedication of the coaches is unmatched. Excited to continue my journey with them!


The comfort package of MuscleMAX was my entry point into serious fitness. The monthly plan gave me the flexibility I needed, and the results? Astonishing. I’ve signed up for the premium option to keep the momentum going. If you’re on the fence, this is your sign to start!

– Maria

I was skeptical about an online program, but MuscleMAX’s 1 to many option proved me wrong. The flexibility to train in my own gym while following a structured and challenging program is perfect for my hectic schedule. Seeing my progress each month is incredibly rewarding.


After six months on the MuscleMAX program, I’m not just stronger; I feel transformed. The personalized approach in the 1 to 1 option was exactly what I needed to overcome my plateau. It wasn’t just about the lifts; it was about understanding my body’s unique needs. Worth every penny!


How it works

During your individual introductory call we discuss your wishes, your goals and what we see as the most suitable program to start with. There is room for all your questions, we are happy to make time for you. After all, starting a healthier lifestyle is really a choice. And we are happy to be your personal coach with ICEBREAKER FITNESS.

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